Does Your Central VA Legacy Brand Need Work?

Update Tired Branding for a Competitive Edge

Though your business’s relational, customer-centric values won’t go out of style, an aging logo and brand may hold you back. No matter how memorable your legacy brand has become, a well-timed brand refresh attracts new consumers and helps ensure your company’s future success.

Strong, professional logos and brands communicate your intended message with a careful blend of color, graphic simplicity, and strategic style. Remember, though: Branding design is never a “one and done” proposition. Even the best branding requires periodic review to stay relevant in a marketplace that’s changing, minute to minute.

Savvy business owners continually re-examine their operations and branding initiatives. If your logo and custom signs or vehicle wraps feel tired and out-of-date, a simple logo or brand refresh may be better than a complete brand overhaul. Consider these advantages to revitalizing your antiquated business image while maintaining its legacy appeal.

Preserve the Best of Your Legacy Brand

A well-recognized logo or color scheme has inherent value, especially when it successfully conveys your company’s story and differentiates you from the competition. Legacy brands reassure customers with time-proven recollections of your industry experience, longevity, and dependability. As you begin updating a former logo, vehicle wrap or custom sign scheme, it’s important to preserve elements of the look and feel that loyal clients have come to love.

Allied Concrete Logo on Side of Concrete Truck

This legacy company partnered with Performance Signs in 2020 to retool their logo in celebration of their 75th anniversary.

Partnering with a seasoned branding specialist helps keep this brand heritage at the forefront of your design while making room for expanded product lines, changing services and new audiences. The Performance Signs team innovates your brand touchpoints (vehicles, signs, and marketing tools) while retaining your former identity’s key elements. To determine which part of your brand should remain, consider holding a focus group or surveying new and returning customers.

Why Innovate?

Legacy brands often lack cohesiveness as companies re-engineer their business identity and brand voice. That’s why updating an antiquated look should include a holistic reassessment of core business values, mission statements and overall marketing direction. To ensure your brand emerges with a cohesive and consistent look, feel and voice, take a hard look at all of these elements. Remember, too, the timing of your rebrand can also coincide with product and service line changes. A logo design professional can innovate your logo and look while preserving throwback elements and protecting your well-earned reputation, goodwill and customer loyalty.

Be Clear About Rebranding Goals

Just as rebranding refreshes your external business image, it also has the potential to reinvigorate company culture. Think of your brand identity update as a chance to clarify your team’s goals and chart a course for your business’s evolving direction! The most successful rebranding adheres to clear goals like these:

  • Attracting new consumers & emerging markets
  • Engaging established customers
  • Communicating your established value
  • Driving sales & new product launches
  • Creating excitement about a refreshed brand
  • Energizing employees & vendors
  • Drilling down on your company message

Anticipate Future Trends

Updating or changing your company’s brand helps you chart a marketing course for the next decade. Before making such far-reaching changes, though, take time to study current and future trends. Performance Signs helps clients develop new or refreshed logos and custom branding that has staying power. Your new brand should feel fresh and relevant while making future product development, marketing innovation and progressive customer tastes.

Dunkin Donuts rebranding before and after logos

Before/After. (Updated brand developed in partnership with Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), BBDO New York and Arc Worldwide agencies.)

CASE STUDY SUCCESS: Retooling a legacy brand is tricky business, especially for a decades-old company like Dunkin’ Donuts (founded in 1948). In 2018, Dunkin’ made the decision to drop the “Donuts” and unveil its new just-Dunkin’ transformation at the Global Franchisee Convention. The company kept its previous color palette and simplified the logo to reinforce new positioning as a “beverage-led, on-the-go-brand.”


“We believe our efforts to transform Dunkin’, while still embracing our incredible heritage, will keep our brand relevant for generations to come,” said U.S. President David Hoffmann. Today, the company is going strong—and the rebrand has positioned Dunkin’ to go beyond donuts to succeed in the fiercely competitive beverage market.

Meet Your Legacy Brand Partner

To project a forward-thinking company image, you need a partner with marketing know-how and design expertise. Performance Signs creates custom signs, car wraps and promotional signage that conveys updated messaging while demanding attention. Fusing your vision with our expertise, we use an integrated process that helps you target audiences and clarify brand messaging—all while keeping the best aspects of your legacy brand and logo.

Have you built your business without a clear marketing plan or brand image? Does your brand identity feel piecemeal rather than cohesive? Performance Signs’ marketing and design experts create logos, signage and promotional footprints that include:

  • Magnetic car signs
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Exterior business signs
  • Interior wall graphics
  • Retail displays

In Charlottesville, VA, we are your one-stop solution for business marketing and signage. Refresh your outdated brand or create a new logo and image for your start-up business! Call Performance Signs at 434.985.7446 today to begin the design process or request an estimate for rebranded vehicle wraps, signage and more.

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